Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Recycling Pillow Covers into a Cushion Cover

Helllluuuuu! :)

I recently scored at one of my local thrift shoppes and 
got this amazing vintage wicker patio set.
I was thrilled to say the least! 

It needs a bit of work and repair but I was pretty sure I could manage that :)
First order of business was to cover the old cushion!!
Here is a tutorial detailing how I put the new cushion cover together :)

#1 & #2 ---> Clay pots don't exactly convey the "granny chic" look I am going for ;)

#3 ---> I found these lovely large quilted pillow case covers at another
thrift store for a mere $3.00 and knew I was onto something.

#4 ---> I thought if I got rid of the green & white borders on the sides
 of cases these I could make it look like a small quilt cover instead.

#5 ---> I  folded the edges under to create a center front seam 
and I switched up the direction of the points to make it a bit more interesting.
Aaaaaand, also if my corners and seams didn't match up 
perfectly it wouldn't be so obvious. You know, creative license ;)

#6 ---> Pin the seam down carefully matching up edges and corners

#7 ---> Top-stitch the seam down with a long stitch length.
( I use a long stitch length for top-stitching as I think it looks nicer and neater.
Also, if you need to pick out a seam, you aren't picking away at a million
teeny tiny stitches. Nothing worse. Nothing!)

#8---> I pinned back the green and white border edges in the center
 front as well as the original pillow back openings.
I then slipped stitched these seams down quickly with
large stitches by hand. This keeps the edges in place, flat and tidy. 

#9---> You could use anything fairly sturdy for the bottom of your cushion. It should be washable
and durable. I had this piece from a  vintage chenille bedspread which I knew would
pull the pinks out of the pillow cases.

#10 ---> A center back zipper opening makes it easy to get the cushion in and out of the cover
for washing. 

#11 ---> I used two dress zippers bc I didn't have anything longer. This way you still
get a nice long opening so you don't have to cram the pillow into a tiny opening.

#12 ---> I marked in 3" from the edge for the zipper. No specific reason
for the large seal allowance, just a personal preference.

#13 ---> I stitched about 8" from the fabric edge down on the both 
ends to create the opening for the zipper.

#14 and #15---> Place the tops of both zippers at the center of your pillow back ( see arrow)
Pin the zippers in all the way around the edge. Turn the zipper tape ends under and back to keep
 the meeting of the zippers tidy. (see arrows)

#16 --->Stitch all the way around the zippers back stitching across each end to
reinforce and keep secure. Open the zips a tiny bit so you have an opening for later on.

#17 ---> Place the right side of the pillow case up with the cushion on top of it.
Then lay the back of the cover right side down on the cushion.
This way you can pin around the cushion and create a stitching line for yourself.
I trimmed the pink fabric back so I could see the front cushion edge to help
makes things less fussy and easier when sewing.

#18 ---> I pinned the ends of our new cushion cover together so that the pins are placed in 
the original seam line between the white and green borders of the original pillow case.
 This way the stitching line will be very straight and you will only see the original
white border and none of the green. I used my fingers to feel for the seam and checked
to see if the pins and original seam where matching on the back.
That is way the pins in the ends on up and down.

( BTW- this is only a concern bc I a using a quilted pillow case. If you
have to regular pillow cases without borders and edges to keep straight
I wouldn't matter at all. I like to make things more difficult ;)

#19 ---> Pin all the way around pulling the fabric snug around the cushion.
I also used my fingers to feel for the seam of the front pillow cases along the sides.
Again, I used these seams to help keep my stitching straight and not veering of course.
Remove the cushion from the cover ( this why it is good to have the zippers
opened a bit at this point. Makes getting the cushion out easier ;) I can't
tell you how many times I have forgotten to leave the zip
open a bit!!! ) Stitch all the way around your cover.

#20 ---> I used a pink bobbin thread so you can see my stitch line 
and how I tried to match it to the seam on the original pillow case.

#21 ---> I serged my corners but if you don't have a serged a quick zig zag around
 the edge will help keep things from fraying during the wash.
And, if you don't have a zig zag stitch...don't worry about it :)

#22 --->Clip your corners, turn it right side out. 
Place your cushion back in the cover...this is where the long
zipper opening comes in handy ;)

#23 ---> I put a little white ribbon tab in the seam at the back so I know
which is the front and which is the back for the best fit.

#24 --->Looking good!! My edges are nice and clean and straight w none of the
green fabric from the other side of the border showing thru. Hurrah!!
No matter how much sewing I do...straight clean seams still make me very happy.

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself!
I am very happy with it :)
Now, to learn how to repair the caning around the legs....stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. if you have any questions please
feel free to ask :)

Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Day in Photos :)


Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far.
I have to admit, I am having the best summer that I have had 
in a very long time! Having a backyard is amazing!!
I haven't been able to enjoy this much outdoors since
I lived at home with my Mum and Dad.

I am in heaven! Birds, flowers, lawn is all so wonderful.
It's not that we lived in a cave before or anything but having the
ability to really spend a good chunk of time outside in your own space
 is very magical. I have to admit I had forgotten how incredible it is to
sit out and read, putter around in the garden, small the grass and listen
to all the sounds of summer.
I am a lucky gal  indeed!!

There is my day today in photos :)

Stella is also enjoying the garden!
Nothing says summer fun like a piglet with an ice cream cone sitting in the begonias ;)

Work has to be done of course, but why not outside???
 Back deck home office allows is the best of both worlds if you can manage it :)
( the crate was a great source of ventilation for my laptop )

The Rosie Project is my current summer read. 
It is a good, fast fun read. Perfect for lazy afternoons.
I would sum it up by saying "It's Sheldon in Love" :)

I am trying out a new bird bath idea with a recycled ceramic pie plate and wire basket.
No takers yet...stay tuned.

And, apparently the hydrangea plants that I thought were dead are not dead after all :)

My pink roses have finally opened and the yellow are on their 3rd go...Hurrah!
There is a giant strawberry in our garden taunting all the birds behind the protective mesh ;)

A truly delightful summer like this has been a long time coming.
I realize it is all a bit decadent to be hammering away on the laptop outside
 and sort of playing hooky from reality but life is too short not to enjoy the simple
things. You never know what tomorrow will bring so I figure
I might as well enjoy myself when I can :)

Have a great night!! Chat soon! Luv Weezi xo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Opps- My Poor Face

Helllu Everyone!!!

I have been bad. Yep! I slacked off, spent some time
in the sun ( as now I am a gardener ;) and in general goofed 
off in regards to my face care & now I am paying the price.
Big time.

which I still LUV and use religiously. I have been wearing that
everyday and reapplying in the afternoons but it wasn't enough
amongst other things.

I should have paid better attention to my body about 3 weeks ago when
 I started to feel bloaty & kinda "gross". I chalked it up
to the stress of the move, feeling out of sorts re: my biz
and just upheaval of a big move, different schedules etc.
I was silly for not paying better attention bc not
long after that bloaty-ness started  my face 
got angry with me. Very angry. It was super red, sore 
and very uncomfortable. I could literally feel it
getting hotter & hotter each day. I could feel small bumps
growing bigger. My face was very hot to the touch and
it was not only embarrassing but annoying & tres depressing.
The worst really, is that it was/is my own fault.
This is my face today and this is the best it has been in over a month.
I couldn't bare to take pictures prior to this.
Most of June and July were 10xs a bad as today.
Most days very sore and dry. That combo makes me crazy
bc I am never sure which to "treat" first. Try to reduce the red or does
the dryness cause the red??? You wonder why I drink?
this is why! ;)

Now, I KNOW there are gals out there w worse afflictions
and to some this may not be bad but for me this is bad enough.
A lot of the redness has dyed down this week and many of the little
acne bumps have dried up but it is still really sore and HOT.
I tried ice, cool compresses and cucumbers nothing helped.
I need to stay out of the sun!! I will have to accept that I
do most of my gardening in the evening. Period.

Anyhow, for those that are interested in triggers I think
(in hind sight)
that an increase in sugar is the biggee to blame as I have been making 
 loads of fruity punches to enjoy for a fun summer drink.
Everyday I was making something pretty w pink lemonade,
fruit juices and ginger ale. Deeelish!
Ummm. no. I have to stop bc I think it is sugar overload
and as a general rule, I eat that much sugar. Cheese? yes. But not sugar.
( will switch to making cold green tea drinks I think)
I have been eating a lot of fruit bc it is deelish and in season but....
I should know that my stomach doesn't agree
with fruit esp. strawberries & neither does my face :(

I have been drinking Chilean red wine & now I am switching 
over to Italian.  I KNOW what they say about wine but dammit life is short.
I am going to enjoy my wine, I just have to find the right country ;)
I can live with a red sore face but I can't live wout my red wine :)
So, long story long I haven't been taking my vitamins, I am slacking
about what I eat and I have been in the sun too much.

I also stopped washing with my homemade oil cleansing method
 bc the oil was getting a bit  heavy for the summer. I still really like it
and it certainly keeps the dryness at bay but I think I hit a plateau & my face
"got used" to the products I was using both natural & non natural.
It happens quite a lot and it does make me a bit crazy bc
you think you have found a treatment or regimen that works and
2 months later...nothing. It won't work anymore. Grrrr! 

For the last couple of months I was using just the Vitamin E cream
 in the morning bc I washed my face before bed. Then the sea algae cleanser
(which I LUV ) Vitamin E oil and zinc at night.
BTW- I stopped washing my face twice a day bc I felt it was too
much for my skin. I break out less when I wash less.
I wash well before night and in the morning just moisturize.
Maybe I will use lemon juice if there is still zinc left
on my face when I get up.

Now, at night I am using Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser with some lemon juice 
as a toner followed by the Vitamin E oil or Jojoba oil and zinc before bed.
Lastly I want to starting taking the low dose aspirin again to help reduce
redness. That I do think works as long as I stay out of the sun.
Also, back on the Vitamins! Do they work?
I can't say for sure but I need to try something and that seems
 as good a place as any...that & Italian wine ;)
Actually I DO think they work and I know I am deficient in a lot
of the basics do to being a vegetarian & sometimes ( ok often!)
 being lazy bc I always cook for one.

Anyhow...that is my sad little update.
Misery luvs company and this acne/rosacea battle is no fun but maybe
can be made less awful by sharing our stories & experiences.
If I can help make anyone feel a bit better or look into a produce that
will actually help, it was worth the post and the slightly
embarrassing photo.
Good luck to us all! I will keep you posted over the next couple of months.
Stay out of the sun and if you find a red wine that doesn't wreck
your face, let me know!! ;)

Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Elastic in Pants Makes Me Happy

Hellllu Pussycats!

Pant shopping for a lot women can be a trying experience
of epic proportion. Many of us have to try on ooodles of pairs
to try and find just one or two that might look good.
There are loads of jeans out there but none of them seem to fit
well. The waist is too big and the thighs too skinny or the zipper
is SO short it barely covers my "whooo-haa" ;)

Heaven forbid if you are like me and want high waisted jeans.
(And by high waist, I mean that they go to or over my belly belly button...
not to my hip bone as one salesgirl at Guess tried to educate me.
Please! If the zipper is less than 7" it isn't high waist. sheesh!)

I have a few issues issues going against me that qualifies me
as "fit-challenged". I am very short, I have big thighs, a fairly 
substantial butt and combine that with a sway back, you have
a recipe for disaster and the overwhelming desire to wear things w elastic ;)
The people who design jeans do not take these things into account.
I swear that they do their fittings on the back end of a giraffe.
So frustrating.

Anyhow....I gave up trying to find jeans for a long time.
 If I was in the right mood I might try a few on at a thrift store
but that usually resulted in a case of low self esteem mixed w
anger and the need for some peanut butter cups.
Then one day I was in a children's shoppe and saw a pair 
of pants that had an elastic running along the inside
of the waistband so the pants could be adjusted on the child.
Talk about a light bulb moment!
Elastic!! Yes! This could be the answer to my waistband blues.
I could add elastic to the back of the jean to help pull in the waist
and give me a better fit. Why didn't I think of this sooner???

---> A quick side note about a sway back. It isn't a horrible affliction
like it sounds. It just means that my back has quite a curve to it above my 
tailbone. It sort of looks like like someone "scooped" out part 
of my waist at the back. My spine and back are perfectly OK.

It is just how I was built. It can have a great effect in a pencil skirt but
a huge annoyance to fit in todays jeans and pants.
So, let's just say this story has a happy ending! The elastic trick works
and I have been doing it for years. The only time I can't do it is if
the denim or material is too thick. Then it just puckers, pokes into 
me and is very uncomfortable. 
Elastic in the waist has gotten a bad wrap for years with its association
in polyester stretchy pants and the things that little old lady's like to wear.
But honestly, I am all in favour of  elastic at the waist. 
So comfortable and it makes so much sense. 
Besides, who am I trying to impress? The Queen?? I bet she has elastic in her pants too ;)

Ok, so let's get down to business.
Here is a quick tutorial about how I add the elastic to my pants :)

#1. These floral jeans actually had a very small gap in the back but it was enough
 to make the pant feel like it didn't fit. And! I hate feeling the breeze from the gap.
I am SO over the days where i suffer for fashion. Give me comfort ;)

#2. I usually go out about an inch to an inch and a half from the center
back on both sides. I marked it w pins.

#3. Cut open a small slit just slightly smaller than the width of your elastic.
Make sure you only cut open the inside of the waistband.
Don't cut thru both sides or you are in trouble! Feed the elastic thru. 
Your waistband now becomes a sort of casing in the back.

#4. Make sure you pin the one side down before you pull the elastic.
Sounds like an obvious thing, but you'd be surprised how many times I was in a hurry and didn't
*palm plant to the forehead*

#5. Create a small amount of gathering and sort of eye ball what might be enough.
I usually sew down the one side before my first try-on.
This way the elastic won't pull out on you if a pin slips out AND! there is one less 
pin to prick you during your fitting ;)

#6. I use a small amount of Fray Check on the elastic to prevent fraying.
Don't use too much b/c it can dried hard and be scratchy against your skin.

#7. After a quick try on, this was how much I needed to pull the elastic and have 
the jeans feel comfortable.

#8. I zig zagged over the raw edges of the slit and over the elastic to prevent fraying.
( I normally don't do this b/c I like to keep the stitching on the back to a minimum.
 However, b/c of the floral pattern and the jeans are white based
I decided that you couldn't really see the stitching so it was Ok)
And that is as they say...that. Done!

#10. This time I did something that I don't normally do and added a piece from
the hem that I cut off onto the back.
You will notice that sometimes when you add the elastic to the back this is a slight
downward curve in the waistband. The elastic can pull the waist in and down as well.
I tend to be a bit neurotic about these things, but I don't like the feelings of
the waist banding dipping down in the back. It feels like I always need to pull my 
pants up in the back to have them sit where it is comfortable.
So, I experimented this time and added the piece to the back to avoid
the feeling that the waist was "dipping" at the center back.
It worked! It wasn't too bulky and the pants were perfectly comfortable :)

#11. Looks a little odd but that is OK w me. 
They fit nicely now and that is all that matters.

If you have issues with your pants sticking out at the back
waist, I highly suggest you give it a try.
Just remember, not on bulky fabrics.

If you have any questions, I am happy to try and help.
Chat Soon! Ta for now,
Luv Weezi xo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vintage Finds This Week

One of my greatest pleasures in life is thrift store shopping.
Nothing makes me happier then a great find during
a nice afternoon of purrozing thru the second hand shoppes
 with my Mum.
These are the treasures I gathered this week :)

1. Wonderful metal toast holder with cute little
glass trays for jam & butter at either end.
I will have to think of a fun use for this

2. English Cottage tea cup & saucer
Since my trip to Anne Hathaway's cottage in England last
year, I can't pass up any piece of china w a cottage on it.

3. Gold plate metal baskets
I will spray paint these and use them for display

Carefully researched detail, the lives and experiences 
of the first generation of American women to face
 the demands of industrial capitalism.
There seem to be mixed reviews for this book but I
will give it a try this summer)

5. Pretty pink flower necklace
From the 50s or 60s I think

6. I am really into needlework pieces of flowers and roses these days.
I am going to remove the work, paint the frames something 
fun and bright and then return the needlework. Stay tuned :)

Hope you have had some great finds this week too!
Ta for now! Luv Weezi xo

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our New Home

Welcome to our new home :)
Just two months ago we moved from our downtown apartment
 that we shared for over ten years to this lovely little house
and we couldn't be happier!
It is perfect for Milos and I and of course our Stella :)

It is everything we had hoped for.
It is small, quaint with lots of character and is located in a 
gorgeous quiet neighbourhood full of trees & gardens & lovely people.
*sigh* It is our own version of paradise.
We knew the moment we walked thur the door in 
February to view it that we wanted to live 
here for the rest of our lives.

Today I am going to post a mini tour :)
I still have to get the hang on the lighting in here
so some of the photos are a wee bit dark, my apologies.
We still have lots of unpacking to do and I haven't even begun
to decorate so you will notice the state of chaos.
 Nevertheless, I think you get the over feel
and charm of our little house. We did paint all the rooms new fun colours
except the bathroom. I will do a before & after post of the house later
on in the week as it was mostly beige & taupe when we moved in.

Okay so here we go...
It was built in 1931 and is 83 years old.
Most of the house remains in its original condition, thankfully. 
Oh if these walls could talk!

The Living Room. 
The original fireplace does work!
Having a warm crackling fire might just make winter a bit 
of a pleasure this year :)
Original leaded and stain glass windows & hard wood floors.

We choose the deep eggplant bc I thought it would make the room
 feel really warm and pull out the nice reds and pinks in the store in the fireplace. 
It also goes great w all the dark wood in here :)

The Dining Room. 
Sheesh! What a mess this is still!

We painted the dining room a deep cranberry red to make it feel
"rich" and distinguished as we two get ;)
I am not sure what the technical name for the windows 
but I call them wonderful. I really like the texture of the stucco walls too.

The Kitchen
Again...pardon the mess.

We painted this room what I call neutral blue. I wanted it to go red accessories
and with my other blue accessories from the last place and not clash. 
You can't have clashing accessories and "do-dads" in the kitchen. The horror! ;)
So many cupboards AND more then one drawer! Luxury!
(our last place only had one drawer in the kitchen)
The old ironing board cupboard is now a spice cupboard.

Bedroom ~ Bathroom ~ Linen Closet
There were two clinchers for me when we saw this house for
the first time. The windows in the living room & dining room and
the floor in the bathroom :) I fell in luv with the honeycomb tile instantly.
How amazing that our floor is 83 years and still looks fabulous.
The house is a two bedroom house and typical of the time it was built, the
rooms are very small and the closets are super tiny but we don't mind.
I like small rooms, it makes the house very cosy. The small closets
are a bit of a challenge for this thrift store addict!
 I am going to have to be very organized in there
and use every square inch very wisely ;)

Now, I mention the small linen closet in the hallway because I can't even begin to
describe how happy I am to have one. There were no closets in our
other place so you can understand my joy. I mean look at it!
I can fold things and stack them neatly away....on shelves!
No more cramming things into plastic bins and under dusty shelves.
I can purr-oooze thru my towels w ease. LOL! It doesn't take
much to make me happy let me tell you ;) Give this gal a linen
closet and I can do laundry and fold sheets, blankets & towels
all day w big smile on my face :)

The Sewing Room
This is the humble beginning of my new sewing space. As you can see
I am a bit of a collector and pack rat ;) 

I so enjoy being surrounded by things that make me smile. 
Lots of memories attached to my various things and collectibles.
 I like to think of who gave them to me or what was going on when I got them. 
Where I was when I acquired them.
Happy memories fill me with joy and help me to be inspired. It is my happy place.
Like the rest of the house, still lots of organizing to do in here but over all
I am very happy with the space.

The Weezi Studio

These are the humble beginnings of the new Weezi Studio.
I am a bit overwhelmed with this project I have to admit.
I have just recently put what I can up, out or in something. I hope to do
an inventory check this week and get the Weezi Etsy Shoppe back up
and running. To be honest, I had no idea how long it would take
me to get things put in some sort of controlled chaos down here.
I guess you have to start somewhere right??

So that concludes the wee tour of our house today :)
I hope you enjoyed it!
We truly feel blessed to live here and look forward to creating
many great new memories here with our family & friends.
We were at the right place at the right time and are grateful
everyday to be in such a lovely place.
Thanx a million for popping by and having a peek!

Ta for now! Chat soon! Luv Weezi xo

Monday, June 16, 2014

Almost Summer

Hiddy Ho!!
This weekend marks the summer solstice and I am super happy!
I can't believe summer is almost here!
Summer doesn't last very long around here so we have
to make the best of what time we get :)
This year from me is going to be extra special
as we now have a backyard to enjoy summer in.

Break out the tikki lights, sunscreen & fruity drinks,
it is going to be a great summer Pussycats! :)
Chat soon! Luv Weezi xo


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